**15 July 2017**

The final repair scheduled during our visit to Tiffinville (aka Red Bay) Alabama was replacing the floor in our Living Room slide. Surprisingly the procedure went much smoother than anticipated, and we were able to hit the road before lunch whereas we hadn’t expected to leave until the following day. Yay!

Our next milestone is Loving, NM to visit with my sister Sandi and her youngest son Chance, his wife Chezie and their 2 year old daughter Addison.

To get there we had to cross Texas.  Texas is one big state, and to avoid driving Strider, our mucho big motorhome, through the sprawling metropolis of Dallas/Fort Worth, we headed across northern Texas.
There is lots of open space in this state, and as we expected, numerous oil wells. But guess what power generation source Texas leads the country in?


According to a 2016 article in the Houston Chronicle, Texas accounts for one quarter of the wind generation capacity in the entire country.  These mammoth, 25 story tall wind generators are everywhere.  They can reportedly generate electric power in as little as 5 mph of wind. I’m impressed.

The only way I’ve come up with to describe driving across Texas is miles and miles…of miles and miles.