While walking around downtown Red Bay one evening we passed the city Police Station and noticed this unique flag hanging below the Stars and Stripes outside.


Curious, we inquired with the officer on duty and he was also unaware, so he asked his Lieutenant, who called it the Law Enforcement Flag. After thanking them for their time and faithful service, we continued our walk.

Across the middle of the flag is a blue stripe, representing the Police Officers’ vigilant stand between everyday citizens and anarchy. The term Thin Blue Line was made popular by a 1988 documentary of the same name, about an officer shot in the line of duty, and it has been the byline of many in law enforcement ever since.


While we have heard of the term Thin Blue Line many times this is the first time either of us have ever seen it represented in this flag. There is a similar version adopted by Police officers in the UK, using the Union Jack instead of the Stars and Stripes.

I’ve read that the flag represents all Police Officers, and read elsewhere that it honors those that have fallen in the line of duty. There has been some controversy over Officers wearing a pin of the flag on their uniforms since it’s not an officially sanctioned symbol.

Regardless, it was a learning experience for us and we continue to hold a great deal of respect for all branches of our police force for their unswerving dedication to upholding the law in our communities.  The great work they do doesn’t receive nearly enough recognition in the news and everyone should thank them at every opportunity