**02 July 2017**

Tiffin Motorhomes are famous among their owners for the quality of design and construction, but probably more so for the way the company stands behind their product. The owner and founder, Bob Tiffin, is legendary for his unwavering level of passionate commitment to customer satisfaction.  

The family owned business is located in Red Bay, Alabama, a small town near the Mississippi line that has become a place where Tiffin owners converge to tour the manufacturing plant, mingle with other Tiffin owners, and have work done on their coach by certified factory technicians who know these rigs and the problems common to many of them. The company’s  presence and the Tiffin name are evident throughout the town, but there’s still a very comfortable, small town feel. 

This is our first visit only having recently become Tiffin owners, but for some owners this is a regular stop on their journeys to complete either warranty, periodic or other non-emergent work. 

There are no shortage of spaces around  town to park an RV while waiting for parts or space at the sizeable Tiffin Service Center on the north side of town.  There are even small lots a block off of Main Street with spaces providing basic hook-ups (electricity, water and sewer dump) for a reasonable price. The presence of RVs traveling through around town is a common occurrence in Red Bay.

The service facility is massive, with 50 separate bays to provide both general and specific types of service to a Tiffin motorcoach.  Alongside the long line of service bays are over 90 spaces with hook-ups where owners can stay while waiting for service or parts. Owners visiting during their unit’s first year factory warranty stay here for free.

Many of the RV are late model years and seeking work covered by their warranties, but those with older models also come here looking for Tiffin expertise. Questions about the work involved and anything else on the rig while being serviced are welcome and encouraged.

For some Tiffin owners the pilgrimage to Red Bay is a given.  We had hoped to get here at some point to tour the factory and experience the legendary service. Being in the area and having some items to address as well as a lot of questions made it an easy decision for us at this point.