**30 June 2017**

Pensacola was our temporary home for about 2 weeks, and we’ve gotten to know our way around town finding the places to run our errands and keep our appointments. 

This city is well known as the home of the Navy’s primary flight school, and while motoring around town we’ve noticed a certain affinity for the Navy’s elite precision flying team, the Blue Angels.

All around town there are businesses and landmarks bearing the name Blue Angels.  Not too surprisingly there is Blue Angel Parkway, a major artery along the western end of town that leads into the Naval Air Station’s back gate. 

But the more we travelled around town the more businesses we saw ?with the same name.  There’s a Blue Angel veterinary hospital, a Blue Angel pet salon, a Blue Angel storage yard, and we spent our second week at the Blue Angel recreation park. There’s a Blue Angel automotive service garage, we filled the Jeep up at the Blue Angel Chevron station, and last night I passed the Blue Angel elementary school. 

If we stayed longer I’m certain we’d find more.  I envision a separate tab in the Pensacola phone book between B and C labeled “Blue Angel”.