**29 June 2017**

There have been heavy rains and wind all along the Gulf Coast and throughout the Southeast United States over the two weeks we have been in Pensacola. 

They are a result of two storm systems in the Gulf early in this year’s hurricane season and are expected to continue today and into the holiday weekend.

Meanwhile the news advises us of the continuing heat wave that is scorching many of the Western States, and the accompanying wildfires that are devastating many areas.

Finally the morning news told of strong tornadoes in Iowa. Fortunately no one was killed but reports of power outages and property damage were notable.

Just last night Carrie and I were reevaluating our route, looking at heading more north to avoid the heat many are experiencing, but this morning’s reports of tornadoes along our revised path have given me cause to wonder about that route as well.

We’re pretty experienced in revising our travel plans due to changes in the weather, but we’re running out of directions to travel here.