I didn’t think there was anything Carrie enjoyed as much as seeing the military gate guards salute me.  I was wrong.

She’s just recently enlightened me of a unique bond between Jeep owners. 

Not those ultra quiet, sleek looking SUVs with a JEEP emblem attached to the nose.  I mean the real Jeep’s. You know, the ones with the squared corners, the widely spaced grille and the bugeye headlights. The ones you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time on the open road in, because of the noisy interior, the stiff suspension and the poor gas mileage. Those Jeeps.

As we drive around town doing our errands and encounter another Jeep, Carrie nonchalantly raises two fingers of her left hand without letting go of the wheel, exchanging Peace Signs with our fellow Jeep owners.  She giggles every time and gets excited when she spies another one coming towards us.  

I’ve never noticed quite so many Jeeps on the road before. Maybe there are an extraordinary number of Jeep’s here in Pensacola, or maybe we just notice them more readily now that we own one.  But the vast majority of owners we have encountered so far acknowledge the unique nature of this automobile; the statement they are making to the driving world as they hum down the road on those knobby tires.

Yeah, it’s a Jeep thing.