**21 June 2017**

Just because you choose to stay close to home base because of impending bad weather doesn’t mean that adventures can’t happen.

While in Pensacola, Fl we are staying on longer than usual to wait out Tropical Storm Cindy.  She has slowed to a crawl off the coast of Texas/Louisiana, taking her sweet time coming ashore while drenching the coast with heavy rain from Texas well in to the Florida panhandle.  

We have been venturing out this week but today decide to stay close to the RV parked on the Naval Air Station, just a stones throw from the Gulf.  The weather’s been deteriorating all week and today there are multiple advisories for possible high winds, flash flooding and even tornadoes.

When the rains let up in the early afternoon we vote unanimously to sneak out for ice cream.  Things were going well (did I tell you we were having ice cream?) until suddenly I felt an all too familiar crunch, and realize that I have broken a tooth.  I guess I should have passed on the nuts in my sundae.

So it’s mid afternoon in a strange town and you have a dental emergency. While I’m dealing with the oncoming pain and wondering what this is going to do to both our shedule and our budget, Carrie springs into action. She heads for the Urgent Care center at the Naval Hospital, knowing I’m bound to need some pain meds and antibiotics, and knowing we can figure out the dentist thing as we go.

Wouldn’t you know that while I’m waiting in an exam room for a doctor and she’s in the lobby, sirens and cell phones start going off everywhere announcing a Tornado Warning.  When I text if she’s OK she says the staff has moved everyone to an interior waiting room, one with no windows.

A moment later someone knocks on my door and advises me of the situation, adding that my Doctor has been called away for a Code Blue elsewhere in the hospital, so I go walking the halls in search of my wife.

I find her and we wait out the alarm period, hearing that a tornado may have touched down within half a mile of us but feeling we’re in about as safe a place as we can be right now.  She has also secured a 0930 appointment with a local dentist tomorrow to assess the damage.

After the all clear is sounded we return to my exam room and although my examining doctor was still tied up with the Code Blue another doctor graciously takes over and provides me with the help I need. 

When we headed out the door this afternoon for ice cream, we had no clue how? the day would turn out.  Surprise.