**13 June 2017**

We’re off to explore the USA.  After making the necessary modifications to the Jeep to safely tow it 4 wheels down behind the RV we left Fort Myers to make our way out West.

Our first stop is Tampa where we stayed at McDill AFB. The military bases provide mostly outstanding facilities at very reasonable prices.

One thing that immediately comes into sharp  focus again: this is one big vehicle!

Our Tiffen motorhome is roughly 35 ft long, 11 ft wide and 13 ft tall, and unless you’re a Trucker you’ve probably never had the opportunity to drive a vehicle of those proportions.  It has a Freightliner chassis, air brakes and suspension, and a 300 hp Caterpillar diesel engine.  The driver’s seat is actually ahead of the forward wheels so judging when to start a 90 degree turn takes some getting used to.  

And then there’s the windage.  I believe the cab was designed with living comfort more than aerodynamics in mind. We haven’t driven in any high winds yet and have still felt the effects of wind gusts or a truck coming the other way at high speed on a two lane road. Heck just staying in your lane is a challenge.

Oh yes, and we’re towing a Jeep behind it as well.

I was a little surprised but ultimately thankful that a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) wasn’t required when purchasing a Class A motorhome. When we travel the passenger is responsible for navigating.  The driver is not allowed to take their eyes off the road to look at the GPS. 

Fortunately Carrie has also become a driver and we can share the driving duty on our travel days.