**05 June 2017**

One of the main projects we had planned for during our stay in Fort Myers was to prepare the Jeep for towing behind the motorhome. That entails three installations:

1.  A baseplate to attach to the towbar on the motorhome.

2.  An auxillary braking system to slow the Jeep when we brake the motorhome.

3.  Lights that echo brake and turn signals from the motorhome.

We scored lights that magnetically attach to the rear bumper as part of the motorhome sale so #3 is done.

We are awaiting the kit to complete #2.

With Jason’s help, we completed​ #1 this past weekend. For those who don’t know, Jason is Carrie’s oldest son and a large vehicle mechanic, so his help was very helpful. The baseplate comes from the towbar manufacturer, and some modification was required to install it, but it didn’t take much time.


Not surprisingly though, this wasn’t the only project of the day.  While installing the baseplate, we discovered that one of the hinges on the Jeep’s hood was loose. To access the hinge bolts we had to remove the wiper arms and the panel between the hood and the windshield.


While removing the panel to access the hinge, we noted that the screws were steel and needed replacing with stainless steel, the paint on the panel was dull and uneven, and one of the wiper arms was damaged.

Tightening the hinge bolts only took a minute, but the other tasks took a couple of trips to the store, several coats of spray paint, and some strong adhesive.


Lesson learned?  Always leave extra time for unforseen tasks.