**30 May 2017**

This past month has been very busy and very eventful for us, and I haven’t kept the blog up to date on our new adventure, so here’s an update of where we’re at.

After two days on the dock in Secret Harbour Marina we achieved all of the things we had planned on before moving out to the mooring where we are storing Brilliant for the 2017 Hurricane season.


In the ensuing week before departing Grenada for the States we completed our checklist of layup tasks; things like wiping down every inch of the inside surfaces with vinegar to deter the growth of mold during the wet season.

We stripped the deck on Brilliant down as much as possible, removing the canvas bimini and the two solar panels over the cockpit to decrease potential wind resistance in case a storm pops up while we’re gone.  The two solar panels on the back are still connected to keep the batteries topped up during the summer and fall months, powering the minimal loads we’ve left behind to protect the boat and her equipment.

On our last full day in Grenada this season we lifted the outboard aboard and laid it up, hoisted the dinghy aboard and secured it, locked up the boat and turned it over to George, the Grenadian gentleman who will look after it for us while we’re gone.  George ferried us ashore and transported us to a small apartment owned by another Grenadian friend where we spent the night before boarding our early morning flight to Miami and beginning the next phase of our adventure.

We flew back to Miami on May 9th, cleared into Customs and rented a car to drive the two plus hours to Fort Myers to spend a little time with family before taking off again.

Over the last several months we have exhaustively searched the Internet looking for a suitable RV to allow us to see the many sights and friends around the country.  We found a number of possibilities, but their location has presented a logistical hurdle that has held us up.

But we found what we feel is the right vehicle, and on May 11th we flew from Fort Myers to Annapolis, Maryland to check it out.  The owners graciously allowed us to stay in the motorhome at a local RV park over the weekend to check things out and make a decision.  Knowing them from previous years of boating and cruising probably helped.

On May 16th we closed the deal and took possession of the Tiffin.  2 days later we received our license plate and registration from Florida and drove out of the RV park, heading to Winchester, VA for a great visit with Carrie’s  younger son Nathan and his wife Julie for the weekend.


After a one day side trip by rented car to Morgantown, WV to have dinner with my younger brother Carey and his wife Susan.  We also had lunch with Ray and Susan Derk, whom I had the privilege of knowing and working with to teach and mentor Sea Scouts for several years while I lived there.

The following day we left camp and headed down the Interstate highways towards Florida, returning to Fort Myers. We spent one night in the parking lot at a Walmart, but were fortunate to spend the following 2 nights at military campgrounds, one near Charleston and the other in Jacksonville.

We are now back in Fort Myers and spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with Carrie’s older son Jason and his wife Barbara and their friends.  We’ve united the new (to us) RV with our new (to us) Jeep, and after completing some modifications to tow the Jeep behind the RV and plan our route for the summer and fall, we’ll set out once again to see some of the many beautiful sights of this country and visit with our family and friends.