**01 May 2017**

This past weekend we did something we don’t normally do.  We tied Brilliant to the dock and plugged her in.

What we really needed was a good supply of fresh water to complete some of the chores on our Layup Checklist prior to putting Brilliant into hibernation mode for the 2017 Hurricane season on May 9th.

Brilliant’s anchor and chain has been used extensively over the previous 2½ years, and the locker where it resides while underway has accumulated a lot of muck.  I found this interesting since I believed I was rinsing the vast majority of that muck off with clean salt water prior to it coming aboard each time we weighed anchor, but there you go.  Likewise, whatever anchor chain that isn’t physically dragging across the bottom while at anchor also tends to grow some fuzz from long periods under water, and it came off begrudgingly with some serious scrubbing and fresh water rinsing while laid out on the dock.


Since this is the dry season in the tropics there has been hardly any rain lately, and the boat was still covered with the salt spray from our most recent transit down island from St. Lucia to Grenada almost a month ago.  She needed a thorough washing down and fresh water rinse.

Finally we took the opportunity to top off our water and fuel tanks, and early this morning we pulled away from the dock and motored about 50 yards out to a mooring in Mt. Hartman Bay where Brilliant will stay for the next several months.  Over the next week we’ll finish off the remaining items on our checklist to lay Brilliant up for the summer and fall.

Here’s hoping we come back in late November to a clean and relatively mildew-free boat, in order to bring her back to life for the 2018 cruising season.