**25 April 2017**

Apologies, I have been remiss in updating our movements among the islands as we prepare Brilliant for layup this Hurricane season.

After a spectacular visit to Dominica where we enjoyed the island’s natural beauty as well as the country’s friendly inhabitants, we have sailed south back to our regular Caribbean base in Grenada.

Since early April we have been performing maintenance and upkeep on Brilliant with an eye on laying up the boat for the 2017 Hurricane season on a stout mooring in Mt. Hatrman bay. We fly back to Florida on May 9th and then on to Annapolis two days later in hopes of buying an RV from a couple we know there. 

The blog stories will take on a decidedly different tack this Summer as we try our hand at RVing once again, visiting family and friends and enjoying the many scenic beauties the US has to offer over the next several months.

Brilliant is still on the market for anyone interested in a true blue water boat ready to sail in the Caribbean.  Anyone who helps us find a buyer will receive 1% of the selling price as a reward.  Find more details on our Live the Dream page.

However, if she doesn’t sell before November, it won’t completely break our hearts.  We’ll just lay the RV up for the winter months and sail among the beautiful islands of the Eastern Caribbean once again.  

Someone’s got to do it, right?