**21 March 2017**

While wandering through the streets of Roseau on our first full day in  the capital of Dominica with our friend Kendra we stumbled on to a real gem. 

Kendra poked her head into a rustic little old house with a shingle for “Fusion Village restaurant” hanging outside.  It didn’t look large enough to hold a dozen customers but the old stone walls were painted with  bright colors that made it stand out from other structures on the narrow street.  

We squeezed past the bar and one or two tables and through a doorway into what used to be the back yard. We found ourselves in a beautiful open atrium with a large free standing roof covering the space that provided full shade and shelter from the weather.   The old walls bordering the yard came alive with fresco paintings, strings of lights and hanging plants that surrounded beautifully decorated tables. It all looked just too inviting to pass up.  

Ok, we were hungry too.

Good decision.  The varied menu made it difficult to choose, but we all enjoyed a delicious lunch and drinks and a comfortable atmosphere that put this on our list of things to recommend in Roseau.