**20 March 2017**

Finally, after 11 years of Cruising we are moored in Roseau, Dominica and planning tours into the interior of reportedly the most beautiful island in the Caribbean.

We’ve read that Christopher Columbus had difficulty describing the terrain of Dominica to the King of Spain, so in frustration he balled up a piece of paper to show him the extremes in mountains and valleys on this island.

On our mooring just a few yards from the shore the depth is almost 30 feet, but at our neighbor’s mooring is in over 70 feet! The greenery on the hillsides is stunning.  The hills jut up sharply from the coast.

We were greeted warmly by two employees of Sea Cat tours, Big Joe and Mr.Bean.  A couple of characters who escorted us along with our friend Kendra on SV Sea Frog down to the Customs office to clear in. 

The Customs officer was very cordial and welcomed us to enjoy the island. He wouldn’t last long in most Customs offices!

We are planning a snorkeling tour down the coast along with a soak in a natural hot tub where the Earth’s heat warms the waters. We’re also going hiking, Carrie’s favorite passtime (not really), up to some of the many waterfalls in the mountainous interior. Not both on the same day, mind you.

Stay tuned!