Living on the water is wonderful for many reasons, not the least of which is that we enjoy a water view that land lubbers would have to pay a substantial amount of money to experience.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the prevailing winds in the Caribbean are out of an easterly direction, and while at anchor we often get to enjoy the setting Sun in the western sky with the entire horizon clearly visible, and it never seems to get old.

Having seen a fair number of sunsets in every sort of weather condition, it’s hard to classify any one as my favorite.  They each have a quality that makes them memorable. Just look at the number of sunset pictures that show up on people’s cameras.

A few years back I captained a 65 ft. Motorcatamaran called Blue in the Florida Keys, and quite often I would take groups out on a Sunset Cruise.  Quite often when the skies were cloudy people would say they feared the sunset would be disappointing, to which I would reply that some of the best, the most colorful, the most striking sunsets I’ve ever seen we’re when the skies were cloudy.

I don’t remember many times when those viewers left the cruises feeling let down by Mother Nature.

The other night’s display was no exception.  Although we didn’t expect to see such a remarkable show,  we fortunately were right there with a front row seat to witness it.


St. Anne, Martinique