**05 March 2017**

I’ve written any number of times about how the weather is a major factor affecting all aspects of our life on the water.  We plan all of our movements around it and chose our anchorages based on the protection they provide from it. Our activities on shore can be cut short very quickly by a change in it.

As I also mentioned before, one of our expressed goals on this trip up island was to visit Dominica, the lush green island at the center of the Eastern Caribbean.  We have stopped there a number of times in our travels but have yet to explore the country’s interior.  

The lull in winds and seas that we enjoyed reaching Martinique has been replaced with roaring winds of 18-22 knots sustained accompanied by gusts well into the 20s, and has created seas of 8-10 feet in the channels connecting the islands.  At best this makes travel between islands uncomfortable and can become dangerous for both Brilliant and her crew.

Confering with our weather router Chris Parker tells us that the recent increase in winds and waves is likely to persist through the next few weeks. While we don’t normally place much stock in weather forecasts more than 2-3 days in the future, this is not good news.

Our long range please plans call for us to return to Grenada and lay Brilliant up for the summer and fall and fly back to the States in early May for several months.

We always remain flexible in our planning but a visit to Dominica doesnt look very promising at the present time.  For now we’re planning a road trip and some other gatherings with friends here in Martinique, then finding weather windows to work our way south down the Windwards towards Grenada over the next month or two.

Stay tuned.