**22 February 2017**

We pulled into Bequia yesterday afternoon following a day sail up from Carriacou island.  It’s a similar route we took in November heading up island before our Engine Overheating saga began.

With no real buyer interest in Brilliant in the last two months and not wishing to let life pass us by, we’ve cleared out of Grenada and are heading north to visit some friends and find some new adventures in the Eastern Caribbean.

We’re working our way to Martinique to visit with Mike and Rebecca on Frost, and also intercept Jim and Christine on Ullr who are working their way south.  It also happens that Carnival in Martinique is the last week of February. 

After that we’ve missed out on possibly the most beautiful island in the area in the past and don’t want to miss out any longer.  

Dominica boasts 365 waterfalls, enough to see one every day of the calendar year, and has numerous other natural sites to explore, along with a friendly population that could greatly benefit from tourist dollars.

With the recent addition of organizational efforts like PAYS (Portsmouth Area Yacht Security), the locals have become better organized to help make Yachties feel more secure visiting and touring the island.  It seems like a real Win-Win situation to me.  

We’re hopping up the island chain to Martinique, only making day trips and staying 1-2 days at each stop. We checked in to Bequia yesterday and will likely check out this afternoon and sail out in the early morning hours tomorrow for Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.