**30 December 2016**

With northeast winds howling for days and regular rain squalls in the anchorage off St. Anne, Martinique, it wasn’t hard to believe that seas on the open ocean were building to between 10 and 15 feet over the week before and after Christmas.

So when a weather window forecasting lighter winds and calmer seas came up, we took it.  Suspecting that the conditions may still be rough, we got underway early this morning with plans to travel about 25 hours south to Carriacou, the northern most island in Grenada.  We’d clear into the country there and decide when to continue south the next 40 miles to Mt. Hartman Bay on Grenada’s south coast.

We’re returning to Grenada for several reasons. We’ll fly back to the States in mid January for a break, seeing an RV show in Tampa and visiting Fort Myers.  We also want to team up with a broker in Grenada through the high season to maximize exposure in hopes of a quicker sale on Brilliant.  

Wind and sea conditions, and our transit speed, turned out much better than we expected, and we reached Carriacou at about 3:30 in the morning.  We always plan our passages assuming 5 knots, and we’d accomplished almost 6, so we decided to push on to Grenada.

As it often happens on transits, the good conditions didn’t last, and we ended up motoring  the last several hours to Grenada.  But we pulled in to Prickley Bay at about 10:30, which still made our average speed 5.5 knots.  Not bad.

After a rolly night in Prickly Bay sleepily watching 2017 roll in, we left early Sunday morning before the winds came up and moved next door to Mt. Hartman Bay. Finding ample room in our favorite anchoring spot, we dug in with sunny skies and fresh breezes on the first day of the new year.  

Anchored in Mr. Hartman Bay. The little vessel on the left.

It immediately felt comfortable, like coming home. Others tell us it’s been raining heavily here as well but so far the weather has been ideal. 

Happy New Year, everyone.