After spending much of our time in the smaller, less developed countries of the Eastern Caribbean, Martinique is an interesting contrast.

An overseas region of France, it is easily one of the most highly developed nations in the Caribbean. The island is 425 square miles, about the size of New York city, with a population of over 400,000 people, a mixture of French and West Indian descent.

It has a wide range of scenery from rolling farmland to the cosmopolitan capital city of Fort de France, from lush green mountains in the clouds to sandy beaches. Traffic ranges from tiny one lane village roads to six lanes of heavy traffic.  They’ve got it all here.

We’ve made one circuit of the island already with our friends Mike and Rebecca and plan to venture out again before we leave to get some shopping done for clothes and some supplies we don’t normally find on the other islands.

Recently we enjoyed a Brazilian night of food and dancing at a local restaurant that you wouldn’t normally find in the smaller countries in the region.


Just like it’s smaller neighbors, Martinique has it’s own kind of charm, a charm not to be missed while cruising the Caribbean.