With our engine back in working condition and our anchor dug in we will quietly sit out Christmas and New Year’s at anchor in the bay off St. Anne, Martinique.

Throughout the Eastern Caribbean during the months of November through January a persistent high pressure system called the Bermuda High dominates the weather.  It often shifts the prevailing winds to the Northeast at 20-25 knots with gusts over 30 for several days at a time.

A screenshot from Windguru.com

This looks to be the weather we’ll see from now through Christmas and maybe the beginning of 2017. In February the wind should start to clock back to the East and moderate to some extent.

After the storm we experienced when we arrived in Martinique, 20-25 knots doesn’t sound so bad.  With the rains backing off some (touch wood) we have good sunshine for our solar panels, and with the winds kicking up the wind generator is getting a workout as well.

Friends are all around and we’re joining SV Just Imagine for dinner on Christmas day.  Things are shaping up for a peaceful and joyous Holiday season. 

Best wishes to all.