**26 November 2016**

After two weeks of troubleshooting our overheating engine in Bequia and replacing several components, we still have an engine that can’t maintain a temperature within acceptable limits. Today we decided to take a different tack and sail north on some favorable winds to Martinique.

Martinique is a French island in the Windwards, one of the most developed in the Eastern Caribbean, and the port of La Marin on the southern coast is a haven for boat repairs.  Several charter fleets are based here and numerous chandlers can be found along a busy waterfront.

We started up our engine at 10 AM for just long enough to raise the anchor and set sail out of Admiralty Bay, and set sail north for what would normally be a 20 hour run.  Without the services of our normally trusty engine however, our passage time would be determined by the grace of fickle Wind Gods and our sailing abilities.

Twenty four hours later, after a fitful night of finding wind and making the best speed possible, we faced a final 25 mile stretch to our anchorage that lay almost directly upwind (the subject of another blog).

The challenge now is to get anchored before dark, otherwise we enjoy (not) a night lingering in deep waters offshore, waiting for sufficient daylight to enter an unfamiliar harbor.

With extreme determination bolstered by considerable encouragement from our friends Mike and Rebecca on SV Frost, we made it to the anchorage at St. Anne. Waiting for us were the dinghies from Frost and SV Mowzer, who provided much welcome assistance since the winds died down in the protection of the bay.


With our anchor set in the bay outside St. Anne we enjoyed refreshments, laughter, and a beautiful evening sky alongside cruising friends in Brilliant’s cockpit.  We are supremely grateful for the help eagerly provided by our friends and looking forward to a peaceful night’s sleep in a safe harbor.