**19 November 2016**

This marks our second week in Bequia, one of the smaller islands that collectively make up the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or SVG for short.  As usual our plans don’t always work out as expected.


Last Thursday as we started up Brilliant’s engine and hauled in the anchor to head further north, the engine temperature began to climb uncontrollably, and we quickly dropped anchor again and shut it down.

For me this brought back memories of our overheating challenges on Firefly several years ago, and after it cooled down we began discussing what might be the issue this time around.

Without relating most of the details, we spent the next several days checking out various facets of both the sea water and freshwater cooling loops, unable to determine the cause.  Each time we would try a solution out, the engine temperature would rise above the normal setpoint and then we’d have to wait until it cooled down again to try the next idea.

After a short consultation from a sharp local mechanic we located on the island, we hope we’ve found the problem. Now we wait for a replacement part being shipped from the UK, which now lies in Panama for the weekend.  Expected delivery, next Wednesday.

More than one friend has said that there are many worse places to get stuck than Bequia, and we agree.  While some friends are moving along to other islands, other friends are catching up with us.

Plans change.