**18 November 2016**

Through a contact here in Bequia we secured a rental vehicle for the day and took a self-guided tour of this tiny island.

Along with our new friends Jo and Gregg on SV Serenade we enjoyed the sights and some exploring from one end of the island to the other.  Jo and Gregg have toured the island in previous seasons so we benefited from their local knowledge, but also explored some new sights together.


We met Jo and Gregg in Grenada but had not spent much time together but, as Cruisers do, we hit it off right away and had a wonderful time together. With Carrie at the wheel and me navigating we set off on the first reasonably clear day for the last two weeks.

At the northern tip of the island we visited the Old Hegg Sea Turtle Sanctuary, founded over 25 years ago by a native of Bequia who spent most of his life free-diving for lobster and conch.  The idea for a sanctuary grew out of his love for the islands and a need he saw in the declining turtle population.

From there we found a couple of spots to enjoy the fantastic views afforded by the island’s topography, and visited a peaceful bar and restaurant at Firefly Plantation where we enjoyed the shade and a cool drink.  After many successive days of rain the sun and heat of the tropics were a welcome change but the heat can be tough.

We then made our way to the southern coast and a lovely area called Friendship Bay, where we stopped for lunch at a large hotel and villa complex called Bequia Beach Hotel.  Our table was almost on the beach and sounds of the surf added some extra spice to our meal.

After wandering around the hotel grounds enjoying the views we traveled along the coast and stopped at what Jo and Gregg called a Lobsterman’s Co-operative where we purchased some huge fresh lobster for the day’s dinner.


We returned the cart at around 4:30 and dinghies back to our respective boats. We may not want to party as long as we once did but it was a full day of fun and lots of great memories.