**04 November 2016**

When our friends on SV Take it Easy headed north last week they had little idea what extra adventures would be waiting for them along the way. On an overnight passage Fred began feeling pain and swelling in his leg, and when they arrived in Martinique they admitted him to a local hospital.

Marsha and Fred are in their first season of cruising and Marsha is very new to sailing, so when Fred was suddenly laid up in the hospital she was left to take care of the boat on her own in a foreign country; something that would make any of us nervous.

As Carrie relayed Marsha’s situation to me I immediately began to mentally map out the logistics of a trip up island to be able to help her out, but Martinique is a full day and a half’s travel north from Grenada.

Then we thought about other friends of ours that have already started traveling north, and we realized that Jerry and Sally on SV Encore were almost there already.  

The next morning Carrie found Sally online as Encore had just arrived in the anchorage at St. Ann. She asked Sally if they could check on Marsha and they gladly agreed.

Fred has since left the hospital and is back aboard now, but having other boat owners nearby likely gave him and Marsha ( and us) some peace of mind during a difficult period. 

It’s nice to reaffirm that the network works.