**07 October 2016**

An overnight trip away from the highly industrial and severely congested harbor of Chaguaramas lies the island of Tobago.  It’s the little sister island that makes up half of the country’s name, but the 30 odd miles of ocean that separates it from Trinidad make a world of difference in look and feel.


Pirate’s Bay

Charlotteville, the major town on the leeward coast, is more a village that depends heavily on fishing the nearby waters, mainly via drift nets. Pirogues, a clapboard skiff with a high raked bow sporting 40 hp outboards, are the prevalent fishing vessels.

The people we have encountered so far are extremely friendly and welcoming.  Our Customs Officer greeted us with a pleasant smile and offered several tips on local services (what a welcome switch); one of our most pleasant check-ins to date.

We investigated a tour of the nature preserve to see some rain forest and hopefully some of the numerous exotic birds that inhabit Tobago, but the cost was excessive.  It seems they’ve figured out what vacationers will spend and the rest of us suffer the outcome.

We spent a week in the deep anchorage (50 foot) called Pirates Bay where many of the Cruisers dig their anchors in, enjoying some evening gatherings on the beach and time with our friends on SV Ullr.

We plan to leave Monday and return to Grenada.