**28 September 2016**

Cruising calls for some tough decisions from time to time.  The forces of nature arent something to be messed with.  We’ve been through a number of them.  Some haven’t worked out so well, but I think we nailed this one.

With a developing storm system still three days away on Sunday we opted to take a light wind day and shoot south for the 24 hour trip to Trinidad.  The conditions certainly didn’t seem like a storm was approaching and there was still some uncertainty about the track.  The forecasters were still guessing that the storm would cross the islands north of us. Emphasis on “guessing”.

Also, we weren’t in Grenada for Hurricane Ivan in 2004, but we know Cruisers who were, and that storm track changed drastically in the last 12 hours, causing Grenada to suffer a direct hit that caused horrific damage. 

The storm system, while not strong enough to earn a name as yet, will cross over the Windward Islands sometime today.  We are snuggly secure in a marina slip in Chaguaramas harbor with light winds and some healthy rain filling our water tanks.

It appears we may have been safe if we’d stayed in Grenada, but we feel very good about our decision to move.  We hope others who decided to stay put fare well today.