**06 September 2016**

Cruisers come in all shapes and sizes, come from the full spectrum of countries, backgrounds and aptitudes.  Some were Engineers, some were Lawyers, Laborers, Craftspersons…well, you get the idea. We don’t come out of any one mold, but we do share a lot of common interests.

One of those is a desire for a simpler life.  Regardless of our backgrounds we tend to find ways to entertain ourselves that don’t necessarily cost a lot.

Tonight we attended the now weekly Cruisers Jam session, put together by a small group of boaters who are both talented and fun loving.  The Secret Harbour Marina allows them use of the restaurant’s stage and in return the restaurant sells a lot of food and drink to both musicians and other Cruisers who join the audience.

The musicians all own some nice instruments and between them they own a nice collection of sound gear.  Anyone is invited to play or sing and everyone receives a hearty round of applause.

As a side activity tonight one of the Cruiser gals who is a talented painter offered to paint faces for fun only, asking only that she can post pictures of her work on a group Facebook page she belongs to which shares her work with her colleagues.

Carrie took the plunge tonight and had artwork added to her face for the evening, along with one of the young girls who live aboard with her parents.

Nicely done, and good fun for everyone.