**22 September 2016**

There are plenty of wonderful visual moments in life.  A beautiful sunset, a picturesque scene as you drive around a bend, the color of the water when the sun breaks through the clouds.

You have to be watching though. Many of them happen quickly and without any warning so you may miss them, or be the only one to get that glimpse before it’s gone.  If you’re not scanning the area when a Stingray leaps into the air the only thing you’ll see is the ripples on the water where it landed.

Sometimes those moments hang on however for a really enjoyable time that gives you the chance to Get the camera and document it. Today was one of those days.

As we motorsailed north from Grenada to Carriacou early this morning we noticed a large school of Dolphin a hundred yards off our bow and as we watched them individually breech for a breath with the occasional jumper, several of them broke off from the pack and headed towards Brilliant.

With the helm on Autopilot Carrie headed for the bow as I ducked below to grab the camera hoping to get a shot or two of them passing by, but we got much more than we could have hoped for.


As we both peered over the bow into the water watching these two gliding along with us, one turned on its side and looked up at us for a long while as we laughed and waved to it.  I couldn’t help but wonder what he (she?) was thinking about.

Keep watching.  Those moments come whether you’re watching or not.