**18 September 2026**

Simple things often turn out to be the best.


A simple sunset

We joined a simple activity this evening that we haven’t done in a while and enjoyed it as expected. It’s called a Dinghy Drift and we simply met up with several other Cruisers on individual dinghies at a designated spot, rafted our dinghies together, introduced ourselves, and let the conversation flow as we drifted along with the current and wind.

We brought our own drinks and passed around goodies anyone brought along to share as we got to know those we haven’t met yet and joked with those we knew.  A total of 5 dinghies showed this evening, including some new Cruisers and one with a guest who was totally new to the community.

The party lasted from just before dark at 6PM until the nearly full moon rose over the hulks at about 8.  We learned how some others got started in the Cruising life, how they’ve handled some pretty challenging situations, and enjoyed reinforcing just how resilient good people can be.

It’s nice to put some faces with the boat names we hear around the neighborhood and let people get to know us a little better.


The not so full moon