**19 September 2016**

It’s one thing to rent a car and drive around the island you’re visiting, but not nearly as rewarding as when a capable local inhabitant shows the little hidden sights and shares insights that we would have driven right past.

Today we shared a highly recommended Island Tour that lasted most of the day and was very rewarding.  Our tour guide was Cutty, a Grenadian native who is highly knowledgeable about his country, very friendly and an excellent guide.


Great Views! 

We stopped at many spectacular viewing sights for pictures and some island history, one of the two plots of land in the mountains he farms several local fruits on, and a wonderful waterfall that provided great photos along with a chance to cool off from the heat of the day.

His knowledge of the local flowers, fruits and trees was remarkable and filled in the time between stops that included a local chocolate factory, a super buffet lunch with many local dishes, and a rum distillery that produces rum for local purchase only in the same manner as the French settlers who built it 350 years ago.


Sampling some local fruits in Cutty’s farm.

A tour of all the islands we visit will make all of our visits more enjoyable, but they’ll have a difficult time beating our Grenada island tour.