**16 September 2016**

It just seems to be in a Cruiser’s blood to help one another, and anyone else for that matter.  When the call went out on yesterday’s morning radio net that a fellow Cruiser was in the hospital in desperate need of blood, the questions from one Cruiser spoke for all of us: “Where do we go and how can we get there!” Commitments were made for more information to follow about the donation site and transportation.

The question that I asked when the initial shock wore off was, “What blood type is needed?” The answer was that blood plasma was in short supply at the hospital so all blood types were welcome.

We asked around after the net to assess who it was and just what happened, and it didn’t seem to be anyone we knew, but that didn’t diminish our resolve to provide any assistance.

This morning as promised another announcement was made that several folks had traveled to the hospital in St. George’s to donate blood the previous day and that another van was leaving at 0830 for the hospital.  Anyone else interested should let the organizers know straight away.

By the time we got a call in that van was already full and we got on a list for the next one leaving later in the morning.  We still didn’t know who the affected Cruiser is, or what happened, but we knew the need was still there.

The fellow who met us at the van told us that the person in need was just diagnosed with some form of Leukemia, and was now badly in need of blood plasma to help stabilize her so she can fly back to Norway with her husband for treatment.  The boat name sounded familiar from the VHF net but otherwise this was just another member of the community.

Friends had already made arrangements to look after their boat and their three cats while they were gone.  When we arrived at the hospital the first group was almost done, and we melded in with numerous other locals either giving blood or having samples taken.

Here’s the cool part.  Guess what the technician offered me when I filled the little blood bag?  A bottle of Stout!!! I love this place!  I told her I was going outside to get in line and donate again! Silly gal thought I was serious.