**10 September 2016**

We joined a group of Cruisers on a river tubing excursion today down the Balthazar river on the eastern slope of the island.  

28 Cruisers plus our 2 drivers piled in to two vans and headed out for an hour+ drive along one of Grenada’s numerous curvy, two lane roads around the southeastern corner of the island to our put-in point.

 There are no highways in Grenada but the roads are generally in good shape.  Some of the switchbacks are sharp, allowing us to climb up and down the often steep hills or over the mountains.  We’ve only seen one streetlight so far on the island but have encountered numerous roundabouts to help control traffic.  The major deterrent to high speeds on Grenada are the numerous speed bumps.

While the Balthazar river holds some reputation for an exciting ride, the excursion does use tubes and not rafts.  Today’s water level didn’t set any records for excitement, but just the same we had a great time floating down river for about 45 minutes. If there had been a big rainfall the night before things might have been a little more exciting.

We had several “guides” who accompanied us, and they mostly helped us out of the eddies we encountered along the way.  At our take out point a van loaded us up and brought us back to the starting point. 

When everyone finished the ride downriver we all enjoyed some great local cooking for a sitdown lunch, then boarded our vans for the ride back. 

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush I wouldn’t recommend it , but on a hot September day a tube ride down a cool river followed by a nice lunch with friendly folks made for some good fun.