I’ll really date myself when I say that as a kid, at least up until the 4th grade, I can remember living in a house with no air conditioning.  We knew that during the “Dog Days of Summer”, in August and September especially, the heat during the day was oppressive, and at night it was often difficult to sleep since it didn’t cool off much.

Many nights we’d fight for the spot in front of the square fan that rumbled on the floor as it tried to move the still air around enough to cool things down even a little.

I’m reminded of those days while at anchor here in Grenada for the summer months.  Most of the time there is ample breeze at night, but what lets the breeze through will also let the rain through, and by the time I wake up enough to close them all the cushions can get soaked.

So we close the hatches at night and rely on two small 12volt fans tugging at the battery power to move some air around.  Sleeping in the cockpit is sometimes an option but I nap there much better than I sleep.

This Cruising life is not all sandy beaches and Mai Tai’s.  A/C is something I miss during the Dog Days, but in other months it’s not very bad.

As you’ve heard before, there’s no free lunch.