**04 September 2016**

We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay in St. George’s anchorage.  It’s only a short dinghy ride to a Chandler and a grocery store, and the road along the bay is a major bus route.

Our friends Ed and Cheryl on Slowdown are at the Marina as well as our friends Jerry and Sally on Encore.  Jerry returned from the States Friday night and we all got together for Pool, Pizza and Football at the Marina restaurant Saturday night. Great fun!


Out of Control

While it rained off and on Saturday it wasn’t squally so we didn’t have to leave the party and babysit Brilliant. We captured a good bit of rainwater in our tanks during the evening, but the conditions after the storm passed were not good.  There was zero wind and a 2-3 ft swell out of the north developed that made everyone in the anchorage roll mercilessly all night and into this morning.  Carrie slept fitfully all night, something she rarely does.

It didn’t take long to decide to weigh anchor and return to Grenada’s south side once again.  All the way down to Pt. Salines we continued to roll heavily in 3-4 ft. swells, but as we rounded the corner and headed west the waters lay down nicely and we motored in beautiful morning sunshine the rest of the way back to Mt. Hartman bay.


Rebecca on Frost told us our old spot was still open and we glided in to anchor  as the sun and a few rain clouds rose over us.

There are always tradeoffs, but I’ll take a good night’s sleep over proximity to stores anytime.

P.S. Carrie is already asleep.