One of the numerous positive aspects of living aboard a boat is the view.  360 degrees of waterfront view.  Some people pay millions for the views we get to enjoy.  And the best part is, when you get the least bit tired of it, just pick up anchor and move!

After about 3 weeks at anchor in Mt. Hartman Bay we decided a change in scenery was in order, pushed on a bit by our friend Jerry on S/V Encore returning to their boat in St. George.  His other half Sally returns later this month after visiting her grandkids.

We got underway at about 10 after securing everything onboard, and immediately threw up the Headsail, skimming across the waves motorsailing off the wind all the way to point Salienes at the southwest corner of the island.

After rounding the point and furling in the Jib we motored in towards the shoreline to avoid a sizeable rain storm that was rolling off the mountains.  Although the St. George’s anchorage and most of the city were completely blanketed by the storm we were under clear sunny skies, driving right around the perimeter of the clouds.

We anchored close in to the shoreline near the harbor entrance and settled in to our new home.  I dove down to inspect the anchor, and although it isn’t dug in as deep as we’d like it looks secure enough to hold us in place for a while.


We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and joined Mike and Rebecca on SV Frost for Sundowners.  Life is good.