**30 August 2016**

I wrote some time back about losing my tools when Firefly went on the reef in San Blas. It was doubly frustrating because insurance wouldn’t cover any of them.  Really.

When we bought Brilliant she came with a pretty good set of basic tools, and in hindsight I should have been more earnest about replacing tools that I lost, but I didn’t.

Repairs are inevitable on a boat and it’s surprising to both of us how those repairs seem to frustrate us more these days than they did in the past. But they are a necessary evil of Cruising. My point being that when you have the right tools, the repair of the day can be a whole lot more manageable.  Duh.


Today I scraped sea growth (we call it fuzz) off of the underwater hull, but not until I acquired some of those right tools on a shopping venture.  The time required for this less than pleasant but highly beneficial chore was considerably reduced by a relatively minor outlay, and the tools will be reusable for as long as we own a boat.

The tool set that I lost took years to put together, and replacing them all at once would have been costly, but biting the bullet to have the right tools for the job, especially a job that will need repeating periodically, was a satisfying move.

Yeah, I know, I’m a little slow sometimes.