**20 August 2016**

August and September mark the typically active months of each year’s Hurricane Season.  Officially (i.e. for insurance purposes) the season starts July 1st and ends November 30, but thankfully the weather systems don’t appear much in the outlying months.

All insurance policies are unique as to how you’re covered, but all lay out a geographic area in the form of a box that excludes coverage for storm damage during the Hurricane Season, that is if the boat is inside the box and damage is sustained by or in conjunction with a named storm system, we’re not covered.

So we plant ourselves here for most of the season and watch the weather websites, especially NOAA’s Hurricane Center site, for warnings like the one below.  We keep our fuel supply topped off and our supplies up in the unlikely event that a system tracks this far south in the Caribbean.


When this warning came up on Friday we discussed our options and made any last minute preparations for a run south (about 18 hours) to Trinidad for better cover.

As the weekend progressed we received the news update we had hoped for, that the system’s track curved more to the Northwest and put us outside the area where the system is predicted to travel.  We’re still watching things, but aren’t worried as much about leaving (well, at least one of us.)