For Cruisers grocery shopping, like many things, can take a while.

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We have gladly given up the “convenience” of owning an automobile, even when it comes to household functions like replenishing groceries.  In places like Les Saintes where the village is fairly small, the market is within easy walking distance from the shoreline; even in Fort Pierce, Florida there was a great Farmer’s Market on the waterfront that most people had to drive to, but it was only a short walk from the dinghy dock for us.

In Grenada the Cruising Community is very well organized.  On the morning radio net they announce times and destinations for vans (19-passenger vans) that are set up for the day and what times they will be picking shoppers up at various points close to the anchorages.  The stops consist of a fruit & vegetable market, the bank, a moderately sized grocery store not much different than one you’d find in the States, and then another store that sells items in bulk. There’s also a house wares store and a small hardware store in the little mall with the grocery store, so they cover a lot with those stops.

Shoppers get to visit each stop whether they want to or not, it’s just part of the ride.  But by the time they get to the big store another van is there to meet them so as to accommodate the bags of groceries that shoppers have accumulated along the way.

A ride in the van costs $15EC (about $5.50US), and they are scheduled every week.  Grocery shopping is usually one or two days a week and on other days the vans might carry folks to the Chandlers or Hardware stores.  A guy who calls himself “Shademan” is on the net every morning announcing shuttles and tours and will set up special trips for groups of Cruisers.  I believe he makes his living working solely with the Cruising Community, at least in the summer months.

The Grenada Cruising Community has an extensive network of services set up for everything cruisers need from filling a propane canister to morning yoga classes. For the price it would be difficult to find a better way to shop for groceries in Grenada, and like many excursions and functions while cruising, it’s an adventure.