14 July 2016

In preparation for our cruising adventures in August of 2007 we both had new passports issued, and I can remember looking at the expiration date (17 August 2017) and thinking, “I wonder where we’ll be when we have to renew these”.


Well that date is still more than a year from now but we’ve decided to renew them early since who knows where we’ll be in August of next year.  If our plans for next summer hold (and who knows whether they will or not) we could be in Central America doing some land travel while the boat is docked at a marina in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

We understand that the US Embassy office in St. George’s is quite helpful and fairly expeditious in renewing US passports so we’re travelling there tomorrow to start the process.  Some other friends have recently had a great experience with this office so we’re hopeful what can take months in the States will take a substantially shorter time here.

A passport is an internationally recognized form of identification, but it can also serve as a record of your travels.  We don’t very often look through our passports to review all of the stamps and dates from the countries that we’ve visited, but looking back at the countries and dates in the Visa pages brings back considerable memories.

The process takes a couple of visits, but we’ve got plenty of time and don’t plan on leaving Grenada until at least October, so we’ll see how it goes.