29 April 2016

About a week ago I jumped on the Internet as Carrie sleepily wandered towards the bed.  I found a Facebook post from Carrie’s daughter-in-law posting pictures of her leg bandaged up after what looked like some serious surgery. “Carrie, have you seen this?”

Carrie sprung into action.

She contacted Barbara and got the details of her accident.  She knows that Barbara’s Sister and other local friends either work full time or are in school, and that Barbara’s Mother is some distance away recovering from her own battle with Cancer.  It wasn’t long before Carrie was online looking at flights and we were discussing options.

Side Note: Isn’t it interesting that from St. Thomas one can fly directly to either Miami or Fort Lauderdale, but to fly to Fort Myers one has to fly through either Atlanta or Charlotte?  We found the same patterns when we flew back from Panama.  Someone smarter than I am must have figured that out.

So Carrie booked her flight one way to Miami the following afternoon; I reserved a rental car at the Miami airport for her to drive the 2 ½ hours between Miami and Fort Myers.  Luckily her dentist appointment was scheduled the following morning and our life-saving friends Jaime and Keith have access to a car and will take us to the airport.  Flying to the States is much easier from the USVI than other countries down island, so this all seemed like a good plan, and unlike some of our plans this one worked out almost flawlessly.

My angel has been doing her angel thing in Fort Myers helping her family adjust to a pretty major bump in the road for about a week now and Barbara has a Doctor’s appointment early next week.  Carrie will stay through the appointment to make sure she’s not needed and (knowing Carrie) she will likely organize her son Jason and their friends in the area to provide whatever follow-on support is needed.  They’ve all been calling asking what they can do, and that’s what Carrie does.

Spike and I miss her very much and are very proud of her.  She would have flown home from wherever we happened to be so it’s fortunate we were here in the USVI with easier access to south Florida than most places in the Caribbean.  We’ll see what the weather looks like when she gets back and make plans to head south from there.

I promised her the boat won’t be a complete wreck when she gets back, but I do want to make her feel like she was sorely missed, don’t I?  I tend to leave my tools out when I’m working on a project.

We’re anxious to have her home again as soon as things stabilize at her son’s home.

I found her, I’m keeping her! 😉