Sorry, my last blog was almost 3 weeks ago while we were in Culebra.  We didn’t stay long there to see if winds were going to abate; instead we decided to power through those winds and waves on the nose for another 25 nautical miles to get to Elephant Bay on the southwest side of St. Thomas, USVI and we’re glad we did.

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It felt a bit like returning home.  On our first journey to the Eastern Caribbean in 2010 we returned to St. Thomas from Trinidad and worked one tourist season here before sailing south to Grenada for the hurricane season in 2011.  The following winter we returned to St. Thomas once again and stayed through the summer to work and enjoy the area until we returned to the United States in the spring of 2013.

We developed many friendships here that have endured while we’ve been away and it’s good to see so many familiar faces.  Between enjoying time with the Cruisers that we have crossed paths with before and the island friends who still live here, it’s been a very memorable visit.

There have also been things to fix onboard Brilliant (HELLO! It’s a BOAT!), taking care of a nagging dental issue while still “in the States”, and Carrie made an unplanned return to the States to look after a family member in their time of need; more detail on all of that will follow.

Otherwise we have had fun getting to know the island again, seeing what has changed and what has not.  There are lots of familiar sights and sounds to accompany the new and old faces around the island.  It’s good to be back.

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