9 Mar 2016 – This May 20th will mark 10 years that Carrie and I have suffered through the burden of each other’s company on pretty much a daily basis, the trials of living in the confines of a sailboat or a motorhome with a cat never being further than 50 feet from one another, and the arduous travels along thousands of miles between Maine and far reaches of the Caribbean Sea.

Feeling sorry for us? No, I didn’t think so.

The most remarkable thing to me about our decade of wanderlust is that Ying/Yang thing. Carrie and I are amazingly similar in a number of ways, and polar opposites in others, but the mixture appears to be working for us.


Among other things, we both love sailing, love the water, love travel, and Classic Rock music can play in the background for hours and never gets old, with both of us singing the majority of the words to every song.

Conversely, Carrie’s planning horizon tends to focus on the long term goal, the big picture, the grand plan, the top of the mountain, if you will; whereas my outlook zeros in on the next step and the grueling details of getting up that mountain, to our next stop, all of the minute details of getting to where we want to go and the timing.

Carrie certainly doesn’t dictate where we go or when, she just holds the belief for us that we can truly get there, that our sometimes lofty goals are attainable. Without that one factor many would-be Cruisers never get away from the dock. Something always holds them there, one more project, one more piece of gear to purchase, or one more eventuality to account for. We both knew from the start that if we never set a date to leave we wouldn’t have left the harbor; instead we promised ourselves to just meet with the unknowns that are always out there and deal with them as they came along.

Me, I make lists; list of things to do today, things to get done this week, or things needed to attain the next major milestone, like leaving for our next adventure. Those lists invariably expand and contract with time, sometimes adding things at the end of the list faster than we can cross things off. Many times I have actually added new things and immediately crossed them off as they were accomplished, just to feel like accomplishments had been made.

Our communication from day to day is something to behold. Someone onboard listening to us plan and execute our adventures would probably dive overboard screaming in agony. There are days when we finish each other’s sentences, focused like a laser on the same endpoint. Others find one of us may as well be speaking Mandarin Chinese, totally unintelligible to the other or unable to agree on what decade in time we are referring to. Spike just looks on in disbelief and then wanders off to take a nap.

Both of us recently passed the big 6-0; we both turn 62 years young in 2016. It’s a wonder that we’ve made it this far, especially given our glorious history of relationships. In the years to come our physical abilities will inevitably begin to dictate where and how long we can go. Carrie and I both subscribe to the notion that we were given these bodies to propel us forward with the goal of using them up completely before we turn them in. I can only hope that they’ll last us another 25 years doing whatever it is we want to do.