We had planned on leaving Hopetown tomorrow for the neighboring island of Eleuthera.  We diligently checked the wind and sea forecasts, found a favorable window, confirmed things with our weather router, topped up on diesel and gas, planned a provisioning stop along the way and scoped out an anchorage to stage Brilliant to pop outside at an inlet at first light on Sunday, giving us enough time to reach our next destination in plenty of daylight.


Then as we worked to finish up some business this morning, we finished by paying the marina for another week so we could stay at our mooring.  Huh??

Despite the wonderful surroundings and fun times we’ve had with our friends here in Hopetown Harbor, this week has seen its share of challenges; frustrating challenges that seemed to come one right after another like waves crashing on the beach earlier this week.  Just when we thought we’d dealt with one challenge, the next towered like a wall of water over our head and crashed down upon us.

The Cell Phone Company, the Coast Guard, the Bank; it seemed like they were just lining up to spar with us.  Administrative things that we thought we had wrapped up before we left the States, but suddenly took bizarre twists that now had to be dealt with through overseas phone calls that are normally both difficult and expensive to make.

But we were handling them; one at a time; that is until I noticed something odd while looking at our account on the bank website.  I noticed that we suddenly were the proud (?) owners of a new Credit Card.  Surprise!!

We have only maintained one credit card for years now, and work hard to pay the balance off every month, but now a second one mysteriously appears with our balance transferred over to it.  The last time that happened we were in St. Thomas, and the card had been hacked; but we knew that second one was coming when we cancelled the first.

So it’s another call to the States, and I find that our bank has wisely determined that the “other guys” offer better benefits, so they are changing out all cards over the next several months. If they provided a notice of this little change, I must have missed it.

Sure, there’s a crossover period where our old card is while they send the new one in the mail, except that we’re out of the USA now and, unlike email, parcel mail takes at best a week or more to get to the major islands, even longer (if at all) to some of the outer islands.  In the Bahamas when you have something delivered “overnight” it can take up to a week to find its way into your hands. Unbelievable.

So I said I’d call back after discussing our limited options with Carrie, and after repeating the story to her we just looked at each other for a few moments, then started laughing after she said, “I guess we’re not leaving tomorrow.”  Oh well, there are much worse places to wait out a delivery.


Tough place to be stuck

When I called back and explained our location and the logistics involved, the customer service again promised me it would reach us within 4-6 business days, but we seriously doubt that.  We’ll just hang out here in the beautiful but chilly Abacos, maybe seeing some sites we otherwise would have missed, while our replacement credit card makes its way by truck, plane, boat, whatever, to get to us.

You just can’t make this stuff up.