It wasn’t so very long ago that weekends were my favorite time of the week, just like for most people. It was the time for personal activities that could last more than a few hours, road trips, catching up on sleep, enjoying friends, boat or home projects, or even putting in some extra job time to get ahead of the race at the office. I appreciated those days.


Lately it imposes a two day delay in getting things done. 2-day delivery becomes 4-day delivery when it includes Saturday and Sunday. If services aren’t completed by Friday afternoon, then there’s a 2-day wait until work commences again on Monday. If I want to rent a car on Saturday I have to rent it for the entire weekend instead of one day.

And then there’s those dreaded 3-day holiday weekends. They add yet another day to the delay.

Being retired (or even semi-retired) makes the days of the week more transparent. They’re pretty much all available for whatever is needed. Projects don’t wait until the weekend to get done; they may just wait until daylight. I don’t have to put my own project on hold while I fix the boss’s problems. Yes, we can also play any day of the week, as long as the work gets done.

Even when Carrie and I were working, we worked at jobs that didn’t stop between Friday afternoon and Monday morning; our days off were usually during the middle of the week, and seldom were they both together. When I worked 3 part-time Captain Jobs I only had one day off a week. We often provided weekend or holiday relief for the “regular” staff since we were only working for a limited period or worked part-time schedules.

I’m betting that I won’t get much sympathy out of those who are still working “full time”, whatever that means these days. I’ve worked plenty of long hours for someone else during my careers, prioritizing my own needs and activities below those of my job. Very few of the jobs I’ve worked in my life have been on a time clock. When I was on shipboard duty in the Navy it was rare to get any time off at all, even with the ship at the dock. When we were underway there was work every day, around the clock.

Right now however we’re without running water onboard and without the use of our HF radio for two additional days because of the weekend. The Christmas/New Year holidays provided considerable dead time waiting while others were not getting much done, even if they were “in the office”. I’m not happy about any of that.