As you get older you supposedly get smarter, or at least you find easier ways to accomplish life’s recurring chores. Brilliant makes the 4th boat that Carrie and I have lived aboard, and we are trying diligently to get the boat off the dock and to the islands as soon as safely possible, and with a minimum of blood, sweat and tears than we either experienced or witnessed through others while living aboard our three previous vessels.


As I mentioned before we moved our belongings into a small storage space from the RV before doing a final cleanup and turning it over to the new owners.  Consequently we have been able to move aboard in stages by bringing one car load of containers or loose items at a time and getting that group of items sorted out and either stored or packed up to donate.

Today didn’t see any real progress on that front since the morning and part of the afternoon were taken up with medical appointments and buying some project materials.  The containers I brought home yesterday afternoon are still sitting in the car and will remain there until we are ready to bring them aboard.  Yesterday we sorted some boxes of clothing in the cockpit and returned most of them to the box before returning it to the car and driving it down to the Goodwill store.

We did accomplish some seemingly small tasks; however each one is important in its own right.  What we really need to do is take Brilliant out and SAIL THE BOAT.  We have had some pretty crappie weather lately in Jacksonville, with little or no wind for sailing.  Now that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it, but with Hurricane Joaquin pounding the Bahamas and then forecast to move north off the US coast, the weather doesn’t promise anything spectacular over the next week or so.  We hauled up and furled (that is, wrapped around the forward support wire) the Headsail this morning and everything we have brought aboard is stowed at this point, so the first day with some wind (10-13 kts) will be our first sailing day onboard Brilliant.

We purposely asked for a slip for a month in hopes of pushing all our preps to a deadline and heading out in November.  There is a meeting of the Seven Seas Cruising Association in Melbourne during November that we would like to attend, and then with a weather window it’s off to the Bahamas.

Speaking of the Bahamas, send your thoughts and prayers to everyone there because Joaquin is packing winds in excess of 125 mph and wreaking havoc on the central part of the chain as I write this. There may be some relief work needed there to help them recover from a monster storm.