One of the biggest pluses of this RVing lifestyle over cruising is the ability to visit our families.  We have gone for very long periods over our cruising years without seeing family members.  Yes, some would visit us and once Carrie flew off to see her sons, but mostly we didn’t get to see them and seeing them is much better…much, much better.

Spending time with Carrie’s oldest son and daughter-in-law in Florida was fabulous; it also gave us the opportunity to get grounded after our ordeal in the San Blas islands, get our lives on track again and getting our RV adventure started.  We are so thankful to them for their support and indulgence while we worked through a challenging period.

After a few weeks on the road visiting parks and sights in Florida, we spent a week and a half outside of Nashville visiting my older brother and his family.  He and his wife of 43 years live next door to my nephew and his family (lovely wife and 2 gorgeous daughters).  The accommodations were excellent, a flat driveway with a 30-amp hookup.  There was no heavy agenda, just hanging out and enjoying their company.

One thing I’ve observed about RVing: visiting family, friends and places while sleeping in your own bed is the bomb.  We enjoy time together during the day and evening and then feel pretty good about leaving them to their home while we retired to ours for the night.  This is how being on the road was meant to be.


My cousin and her husband also live in the Nashville area and getting to see them was another real treat.  They have lived in the Nashville area for many years and have three sons, all grown and still living in the area.  We met downtown for lunch one afternoon and toured the Country Music Hall of Fame with them while catching up on our lives and the doings of other family members.  Great time.


The toughest part about visiting family is leaving.  There are plenty of good reasons to move along, whether it’s sights to see and more family to visit, but still we miss them all already.  It’s simultaneously a blessing and a curse that they are geographically separated so we have to leave one to see the next.  I guess we’ll just have to go back and visit them again in our travels, and hopefully not stay so long as to become an obstacle to their daily lives.

Meanwhile there are more family members and lots of friends sprinkled nicely around the country.  In an around them there are also loads of sights still to see.  This trip could take a while.