While visiting the little island of Isla Mujeres off the bustling tourism center of Cancun we’ve noted that, while some of the streets are kind of run down and could use some refurbishing, for the most part they appear very clean and well kept, with any upkeep being done by local shop owners and residents instead of teams of city employees.


We noted a store employee (possibly the owner) using the water that probably mopped the floors inside to wash down the sidewalk outside to clean and keep the dust down along his store front.   It appeared he was hoping to make his shop more distinctive to the public as there are more than enough shops to choose from.    We have generally seen very little trash or garbage around, especially around eating establishments.  It’s certainly can’t hurt their business prospects but also speaks to a certain amount of pride in the community that’s nice to see.


One notable feature we have seen around town are colorful murals adorning many walls, some confined to a specific business like a hotel but others on public buildings including the little marketplace (Mercado) where fresh vegetables and fruits are for sale.  Several of them have a signature in the corner so we can only assume they are the work of a specific artist commissioned to do the work.  There are one or two murals on buildings in Marathon commissioned to a specific artist who does work around the state but they are much more abundant in this little tourist community.


We went back downtown today as we finished up some errands before heading south to capture some of those murals and enjoy them one more time.