Fellow cruisers are a wealth of information.  Sometimes they pass along little tidbits that are very helpful such as the time Lynn Kaufmann shared her secret for having great hot meals while underway.  At that point, the longest passage Carl and I had made was three nights.  Seems funny since we had thousands of miles under our keel but it was true.  Now we were facing a passage of ten to twelve days and I don’t know about you but although I don’t get seasick, if I stayed down below trying to cook a meal, I think It just might happen.  Since I don’t relish that feeling, I tried Lynn’s idea.  Cooking ahead, shrink wrapping and freezing.

Without going into details about our trip back to the US from BVI, I’ll just share what I’m doing for our short trip down to Isla Mujeres.   I look for “One Pot” meals online and pick the ones I think sound good (I know scary if you’ve never tried them before) then I grocery shop and one day before our departure, I begin cooking, letting it cool, vacuum sealing and placing in the freezer.  For this trip I am cooking Chicken Cacciatore, Spicy Rigatoni, Chicken Taco Soup and a big pot of Chili.  All of these I have cooked before and know them to be good.  When it’s time to eat, we just plop the bag into a pot with water, heat it up and Voila, gourmet meal at sea.