When we first toured around the interior of La Creole (now Firefly) before purchasing her in April 2012, there hung on the bulkhead in the main salon a matching clock and barometer, both inoperative and waiting to become part of the daily activity aboard the boat once again.  Unfortunately their restoration would lie at the bottom of a long list of projects, and as more projects were added it continued to slip to the bottom as a lower priority.

After two and a half years the clock and barometer restoration has finally made its way to the top of the list, but not without some hiccups in the process.  We sent the two items off together in a package to Chelsea Clockworks in Massachusetts understanding that the work would take 6-9 weeks, but when we called 3 weeks later to check on them we discovered they had been completed and sent separately back to us at the City Marina in Marathon.  Those were not the instructions we had given but the guy we worked with had taken sick and his replacement didn’t get that little note.   When I called the barometer had already been delivered and the clock was in transit, so with some apologies and phone calls the clock was rerouted to us in Fort Myers Beach and the barometer was picked up from Marathon for further shipment to FMB.

The pair now hangs in place and the clock dutifully chimes the appropriate bells for the shipboard watch on each half hour; however I discovered that while Carrie loves the sound she had no idea what the bells meant, so a little training session on the chiming bells has been provided.  All is now well.