Funny how when the time you have on hand increases, you somehow seem to find things to fill the additional time with.  As our second week here in Fort Myers Beach moved along, the weather window we thought would take us to Isla Mujeras, Mexico, suddenly slammed shut with the development of a strong cold front moving towards the western Caribbean.  Consequently we started looking at additional things to accomplish here or putting things we had previously postponed back on the table.


We purchased Firefly almost two and a half years ago and have been working very hard since then to bring her up to a suitable level of performance for the cruising we want to do in the future.  We have put a good bit of money and a lot of effort into upgrades to a boat we originally purchased at a considerable discount.  The boat is our home as well as our vehicle to places we have only read or heard about, and up to this point Carrie and I felt that we would move forward “self-insured” against whatever happens to us, but we have recently reflected on that decision and had second thoughts.

We received a quote for full coverage and will now complete a comprehensive, “out-of-water” survey to satisfy the insurance company that it’s worth what we say its worth.  Then we get to correct the list of discrepancies the surveyor comes up with.  Then we get the privilege of paying the sizable premium quoted.  Then we move ahead fully hoping we never have to take them up on their agreement to make us whole again if disaster strikes.